Crandon has developed a consistent and reliable methodology

Our team, with its accumulated experience in Direct Lending and Real Estate transactions, has implemented a rigorous process management system consisting of analysis, design, structuring, management and resolution of projects in an efficient and profitable manner. The implementation of digital tools has allowed us to streamline the internal processes of the company, guaranteeing maximum transparency in the collection and use of the data.

One of the strengths of the Crandon team is its ability to identify opportunities that other players consider unfeasible due to their material, legal or technical characteristics. In these scenarios, Crandon contributes its management method to secure the generation of extraordinary value thanks to the knowledge and experience of its team, as well as the meticulous selection of highly qualified external technical and legal teams.


Project acquisition and coordination between independent professionals, lawyers and consultants for the definition of the operations pipeline.

Analysis & Due diligence

Comprehensive analysis of the legal, technical and financial situation, meticulously choosing each of the professionals according to the needs of each transaction.

Design & formalization

Structuring of transactions, formalization and execution of the strategies established in each of the projects to meet established deadlines.

Data & reporting

Compilation of data for the analysis of the status of each project and issuance of periodic reports to the portfolios.

Dynamic management

Assignment of a person responsible for each of the projects in order to carry out the most favorable resolution for the portfolios.