Disruptive Private Equity Real Estate Company

Disruptive Private Equity Real Estate Company

More than ten years offering our clients transversal management strategies and innovative solutions, designed according to each Direct Lending transaction.

About us

At Crandon we specialize in servicing private and institutional portfolio holders

Crandon is the result of the vision of its founder Alejandro Alcaraz, who together with his team has designed and consolidated the company as a benchmark in the sector. For more than ten years Crandon has been servicing private and institutional Private Equity Real Estate portfolios, focusing its activity and specializing in the comprehensive management of Direct Lending transactions.

Best practices at Crandon begin with a commitment to being a values-based company. Crandon's organizational culture is based on the trust, talent, capacity for innovation and emotional intelligence of the team members, positively impacting all stakeholders.

Since 2009, Crandon has provided its services to more than ten portfolios, carrying out over three hundred transactions with a value of more than four hundred million euros, demonstrating a reliable and successful methodology.

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Our services

Crandon's services focus on the comprehensive management of Direct Lending transactions

Crandon's scope of activity is the Real Estate Private Equity mid-market, which has experienced significant development and growth year after year, especially significant in alternative financing initiatives other than those offered by traditional financial institutions.

The new alternative financing and real estate credit law entered into force in 2009, thus allowing the democratization of the slow and excessively regulated traditional financing market, introducing greater efficiency in the process, providing faster and more reliable solutions, in a more efficient time frame.

Following this regulatory change, Crandon has established itself as a benchmark in alternative financing. Currently our team has more than 10 years of experience carrying out the comprehensive management of Direct Lending Real Estate transactions, providing services to private and institutional portfolios with the aim of optimizing their results, offering customers disruptive and current solutions, through an elastic and efficient management style.

Direct Lending

Market context

The alternative financing sector was regulated in Spain in 2009, when legislators decidedto develop Law 2/2009, of March 31, in addition to creating a Central Registry of Alternative Financing Companies, all under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Consumption.

Regulatory changes in the area of alternative financing have made it possible to guarantee an efficient financial space that allows the design of tailor-made solutions, adapting to each situation, offering a personalized management service.

Crandon is registered with the Bank of Spain with the registration number D431, complying with the requirements set forth in Law 5/2019.